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When you first begin researching your family tree you might begin by taking notes from older relatives before looking into historical records and visiting places where your ancestors lived.

However, the Internet and specialist software can give you a considerable advantage, helping you to find new facts, dates and material from the comfort of your desktop PC, laptop or tablet.

These are just two of the services we’ll be looking at later in this guide.

However you plan to conduct your research, at some point you’ll need a computer, and maybe some office software if you plan on keeping a diary or journal, or perhaps records of the contacts you have made in the process of your exploration.

Beyond the web, there are other places where you can find data.

This progression through time results in the tree – best demonstrated as a diagram – double with each generation.

Various software applications and websites can play their part in helping you research, collate and organize your family tree, enabling you to build up a picture of who your ancestors were, how and where they lived, what they did for a living, and so on.

With census data perhaps the most commonly accessed information available online for this purpose, the Internet has become a major aspect of genealogy research.

I can also tell you that my wife’s own family tree featured a mystery – just where did her great-great-grandfather come from, and was this farmer really related to a family of well-known journalists?

Once you can understand why you are researching, it can help you to focus your efforts on the information you’re looking for – and who to research.You can’t research a family tree without first knowing who you are.

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