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For if you were to pursue what the Bible has to offer, I believe, not only will you be able to learn a great deal more, when it comes to the great gifts and talents that God has placed deep from within you, but you'll also learn about the New (Blood) Covenant, and the many promises that the Lord has made (and intend to keep) when it comes to the human race.

The gifts and promises that I'm referring to, typically falls into the areas of: mercy - grace - forgiveness - redemption and eternal salvation.

This forced Kudur-Nahhunte to seek refuge in the mountains of Hidalu in Eastern Ḵūzestān and he was eventually replaced as king by Humban-numena (r. C.) who renewed the old political alliance with Babylonia.

The new king also sought military assistance from a number of neighboring districts, including the lands of Anzan and Parsuash (Luckenbill, II, no. It is of special interest to note that in these late attestations Anzan is treated as a separate territory not subject to centralized Elamite authority. Although the Elamites seem to have regained a degree of local autonomy in succeeding years, later Assyrian and Achaemenid advances finally put an end to independent Elam.

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Cultural deposits within the enclosure rise to a height of from 4 to 6 meters (Sumner, “Excavations,” p. Surface surveys of the pottery remains indicate that at least one third of the ancient settlement there (30 to 50 hectares) was occupied from the late fourth millennium B. The extensive excavations made by Ghirshman in the “Ville Royale” at Susa have shown that much of this very large quarter of the ancient city was first built upon in the earlier second millennium B. The absence of any significant inscriptions of the father of Untash-napirisha at Susa or elsewhere in Ḵūzestān, prompted Labat to suggest that the capital of Humban-numena may have been situated in the province of Anzan (Labat, “Elam,” p. This possibility may gain support from the fact that only at the site of Līān located on the Bushire peninsula in southern Fārs have inscribed bricks of Humban-numena been recovered (König, “Königsinschriften,” no. If we are to entertain the theory of Labat, the finding of only sparse archeological remains of the corresponding period of occupation at Malīān would seem to indicate that the main seat of government was not then located at the city of Anshan. Inscribed bricks of the Elamite king Hutelutush-Inshushinak (1,120-1,110 B. The evidence would suggest that Anshan and Susa were politically and culturally linked at this period, but that Anshan was then little more than an outpost community of the eastern Elamite territories subject to the kings then resident at Susa. Whether or not the coming of the Iranians caused the divided provinces of Elam to support the rise of a new centralized authority in southwest Iran is a question which cannot be presently answered. But the alliances proved ineffective, for in this period the Assyrians invaded and held much of southern Mesopotamia. Meanwhile, Halludush-Inshushinak was deposed in Elam and replaced by his son Kudur-Nahhunte (r. 158-65), an omission which may suggest a loss to the Elamites of at least the area of Anzan/Anshan either by Kudur-Nahhunte or by his immediate predecessor.

We may therefore understand, as in the case of earlier references to Anshan and to Parsuwash, that Anshan was also considered at this later period a part of the province now called Fārs (Hansman, op. Learning things that are dealing with, how to incorporate the power of God's Word, from within your everyday life.Things that are dealing with humility, spirituality and how to strengthen one's faith.It's an awesome book that offers a tremendous value, when it comes to our personal lives spiritually, mentally and physically.

Now the Bible is one life tool you should constantly push yourself, to try to get a clear understanding of.

For I believe, once you discover and truly learn how to apply these valuable lessons, into your everyday routine of life, you'll witness a treasure trove of untold divine wisdom and insight, which will affect your life positively in every possible way that you can imagine, both here and beyond.