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Glory accidentally fledged on June 12, 2017, at 10 weeks 4 days old, after making a slight misstep and falling from the nest, landing safely on a branch located below the nest on the nest tree, Eventually, Glory returned to the nest, waited a few more days, and on June 19th made an “official fledge” from the nest.

Club Can't Handle Me Written by Mike Caren, Flo Rida (as Tramar Dillard), David Guetta, Carmen Key, Kasia Livingston and Frederic Riesterer Performed by Flo Rida featuring David Guetta Produced by David Guetta and Frederic Riesterer (as Fred Riesterer )for What a Music Ltd.

It is not a metric unit and it is not a unit of mass.

False - Mass is independent of the gravitational environment that an object is in and dependent solely upon the number of atoms in the object and the type of atoms (Carbon: ~12 g/mol; Hydrogen: ~1 g/mol ; Oxygen: ~16 g/mol).

False - By definition, a free-falling object is an object upon which the only force is gravity.

Such an object is accelerating at a rate of 9.8 m/s/s (on Earth) and as such cannot be experiencing a balance of forces.- An object which is moving to the right could have unbalanced forces, but only if it is accelerating.

Yet it still maintains the same amount of inertia as usual.

Kinda True (Mostly False) - Weight is the product of mass and the acceleration of gravity (g).

For instance, person A and person B can both have a mass of 60 kg.

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Inertia is simply the tendency of an objects to resist a change in whatever state of motion that it currently has.