Dating an orogeny

15-Jan-2016 03:26

Whilst we paddled down the east side of the island I picked up the maritime forecast: force 5 easterlies were expected.Well, that extinguished any hope we’d be paddling back to the mainland.Our clockwise circuit of Annet and the Western Rocks took us to the very edge of the Isles.

I suppose that’s the service you can expect from hitchhiking.

I’ve written about this lovely granite isle before, here and here. One small area around landing beach and Rat Island contains the ‘country rock’.

This was the existing rock that the granite magma forced its way into.

Indeed, a double kayak allows for time to be photographer; I certainly enjoyed the free ride at the front!

I also discovered that the front person doubles as a breakwater – this was somewhat less pleasant.The Oldenburg has rather idiosyncratic sailing dates, not ideal for stranded sea kayakers.