Dating website icons for wedding

31-Aug-2016 11:04

The feed icons have been brought into line with new standard, and all icons have been compressed to lower the filesize.

For the sake of my inbox and my sanity, I'm now calling this set complete.

Anyhow, heres a preview of my first ever Mint-tracked site hit (mysql, depressingly): The interface really is lovely, although I'm a little tentative in proclaiming the wonders of Mint, the reasons for which can await a post at a later date when I am more awake.

The installation gave me a few troubles, from quickly scouring the code trying to hunt down my problem, I realised that I needed the priviledge set up for my SQL user to install ‘Pepper’ (modules).

It's all free for any kind of use (although theyre not big enough to wave around on your local holidays). They are all named by the correct country code for the country, and there are even a couple of extra icons for us Britons.

It can be fun, terrible, exciting, hard — the adjectives used to describe it are endless.

They work equally well on light and dark backgrounds, and they don't cost a penny (release inspired by the Drunkey ♥ Love icon set).

Use them to your heart's content, and don't forget to leave ideas for additions to the set!

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Not that I am peppermint-green with envy at all ().Again with minty Shaun-Inman-flavoured news, my site is now sporting spinkee new Mint statistics logging.