Finding someone you love on a dating site

10-Jun-2016 20:04

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After close to six months of constant phone conversations and endless emails, Alan and Tyler finally met face-to-face on December 29, 2009.

The two shared their now solidified love affair with all their Facebook friends and changed their status to "In a Relationship" on the very same day.

He watched her on TV and his heart went pitter-patter.

Instead, because of the interview scenario, I was immediately smitten by how intelligent, articulate and down-to-earth she seemed.

As the first week of 2010 is in full swing and online dating site memberships are at an all-time high, let's talk about the phenomenon of falling in love with a little help from Facebook.

She couldn't stop crying, when he fastened her to the chair and stripped her of her clothes preparing the bitch for brutal domination.… continue reading »

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There are more thorough lists and articles about role playing, but I wanted to summarize a few of the basics from that conversation. starting with Format and Genres; T-1 (Commonly used by serious Rpers; Consits of a Descriptive paragraph) T-2 (Secondly used for those who find T-1 too serious or Boring. T-3 (A Very childish way to Rp, Rare in most cases; Consits of Few Words) And T-L/Novela (Legendary-like Format, Usually a Full blown explosion of Paragraphs).… continue reading »

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