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17-Feb-2016 01:58

They’ve also told her they will block the chat line number, but that doesn’t offer much comfort.

“Unfortunately, there are thousands of them and I can’t block them all.”In the U.

At .99 a minute, for a minimum of six-minutes each time, he had racked up four hours worth of expensive dirty talk. “They say you have to be 18 to use it but it’s not enforced,” his mother complains.

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He’d dial the number and the sex line operator would then call him back collect. He kept calling back.”Not surprisingly, she’s furious with her son. The 40-year-old software architect is sickened by what her underage child has heard over the last month.But these chats enjoyed by her teen went directly on to her phone bill and she’s angry that no one at Rogers bothered to alert her as the charges began to skyrocket.